Nord Piano Library - Baby Upright

Press Release, Stockholm 2017-21-12

We are excited to present the latest addition to our unique Nord Piano Library - the Baby Upright!

Our latest addition to the Nord Piano Libary is a compact short scale piano of Swedish descent with a very distinct character. The Baby Upright has a prominent mid with a slender bass due to the shorter strings. When pressing the sustain pedal the sound really comes alive with a lively ambience.  

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Nord Piano Library - Baby Upright

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Clavia Digital Musical Instruments AB manufactures industry-leading digital synthesizers and keyboards sold under the brand name Nord. All technology R&D and manufacturing takes place in Sweden and all Nord products are assembled by hand in Stockholm. Clavia DMI AB has 30 employees and a turnover of 20M USD whereof 95 % is export sales to local distributors. The company’s main markets are USA and Europe but Asia and Latin America also adds exciting and interesting new markets for our premium quality keyboard instruments.