Alberto Rocchetti


Associated acts:

Vasco Rossi

Alberto Rocchetti is an Italian musician, born in Montalto di Castro (VT), at 11 he began studying at Conservatory but at 16 he was banned.

His career started in the late 60’s with the well-known band “I Rocchetti”, formed with his two brothers Mario and Santino Rocchetti. Later on Alberto founded a new band called “La Seconda Genesi” where he was keyboard player and lead singer. In the late 70’s his career as a session musician started and later he also joined Enrico Ruggeri’s band “Champagne Molotov”. Since 1989 he’s the official keyboard player in Vasco Rossi’s band. Today Alberto lives in his hometown in the middle of the Maremma laziale. That’s why his nickname is ”Lupo maremmano”.

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