Nord first came to my attention in 2001 when they announced the original Nord Electro, as I was dreadfully tired of maintaining my vintage keyboards (though I loved them). I anxiously awaited the first shipment and have used my original Electro 1 at hundreds of shows since then, saving both my back and the time I spent tuning my Wurly and Clav. But no matter how great it's been, I can say with conviction that for what I do there isn't a keyboard on the planet that could top my Nord Stage 88.

Asher Fulero


Associated acts:

Surrounded By Ninjas
The Everyone Orchestra

Asher Fulero is a busy man! He has performed sold out Pink Floyd tribute shows around the northwest with The Floydian Slips as well as James Brown Tribute shows with The Goodfoot All-Stars. You also might be able to catch him providing keyboards and vocals for the Everyone Orchestra as well as sit-ins and shared/guest nights with bands like Hot Buttered Rum, Izabella, Five Eyed Hand, Alpaca!, and Off The Grid. When he’s not rocking with the above-mentioned bands, he’s writing columns and gear reviews for Remix Magazine (print & web.) And of course, we cannot forget to mention Asher’s solo electronic project Halo Refuser, where mangled sounds and dirty beats meet the dance floor!


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