Nord has always represented quality over quantity to me, specializing each instrument to do a handful of things really well without trying to do too much. However, with the Stage 2 they seem to have created a sort of “Captain Planet” of Nords that actually encompasses all their great keyboards into one monster super-keyboard, and yet still doesn’t sacrifice anything

Jaron Olevsky


Associated acts:

Amos Lee

Jaron Olevsky was born in Amherst, MA, where he began studying classical piano with his mother at age 7. He developed a passion for jazz in high school, and moved on to study at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia under Trudy Pitts, Don Glanden, and Jamar Jones. It wasn’t long after he moved there that he began playing various jazz gigs in the city, however he also found himself picking up gigs with various local singer/songwriters as well, both on piano and bass. Amos Lee was one of those artists, who when later got signed to Blue Note Records in 2005, he began touring with nationally and internationally. For the first several years he was the bass player, although he has now shifted his role to keyboards, and is also the musical director. 

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