My number one choice when touring is the Nord Electro 3. The organ, clav, and EP sounds are nothing short of incredible. Whether I am bringing the funk with the clav or laying down a swelling B3, this instrument always delivers with its top notch vintage sound

Joe Deleault


Associated acts:

Jon Bon Jovi
Carly Simon
Joan Osborne

Joe Deleault is an award winning international performer, composer, and session pianist. Recording credits include Jon Bon Jovi, Carly Simon, Joan Osborne, Natalie MacMaster, Mighty Sam McClain, CJ Chenier, Samantha Farrell, Shawnn Monteiro, Cecilia Zabala, Chris Colbourn & Hilken Mancini, Don Davis, Eugene Friesen, Glen Velez, FD Reeve, Kara Tondorf, Dawson's Creek, PBS's Roadtrip Nation, and Jonathan Lorentz. He is currently composing with Academy Award winner Ernest Thompson. 

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