The Nord Electro 5D 73 is my go-to keyboard, and it gets the job done on all of my gigs. You can adjust everything on the fly even while you're playing. The sound quality is top notch. I can't imagine doing shows without my Nord Electro 5D 73

Mark Pattiapon


Associated acts:

Sabrina Starke
Sandra van Nieuwland
Ben Saunders
Glennis Grace
Ali B
Sharon Doorson

As a keyboardist Mark has played with a lot of artists in the Netherlands (NL) such as Sabrina Starke, Boris, Sandra van Nieuwland, Ben Saunders, Glennis Grace, Shermanology, Ali B, Fresku, Sharon Doorson, Rochelle and many more. Currently he's the keyboardplayer (and Musical Director) for Brace and keyboard player (MD) / music production team member for Idols (NL). He also works as a producer / composer for several artists mentioned earlier.

More Artists

Christopher Noodt
Arto Lindsay, Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), Dieter Meier (Yello), Jesse Boykins 3rd, Mark Forster, Marteria
Joan Wasser
Antony and the Johnsons, Joan As Police Woman, Rufus Wainwright, The Dambuilders
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