The Nord Stage is immediate. Want to wash out a piano sound in a reverb wash? Push the reverb "on" button and rotate the knob fully clockwise. In a world of soft-knobs, its refreshing to be able to reach for a dedicated knob or button during a show and adjust it, and then save the whole setup mid-song without interrupting the audio.

Mikael Jorgensen


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Mikael Jorgensen is lead pianist and keyboardist for the band Wilco as well as a member of the band Pronto. He first appeared on Wilco's 2004 release, A Ghost Is Born. On that album, he received songwriting credit for "Hell is Chrome" and "Theologians".

Jorgensen, an ex-Chicago-based engineer and now full time musician initially came aboard to perform real-time sound manipulations on the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot tour, sitting just off stage left, triggering the samples and sonic flourishes required to bring the YHF material to life. As the tour rolled on, Jorgensen gradually moved onto the stage itself, manning his laptop as well as taking on more and more keyboard duties. Since his days in Chicago, Mikael has relocated to Brooklyn, NY, where he currently resides.

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