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Here you'll find a selection of talented musicians from all over the world who choose to play Nord. As a manufacturer, Nord offers no official global artist endorsement policy or tour support. Artist Endorsee matters are handled on a nation-by-nation basis by the respective Nord distributors for each country. These are artists whose skills and experience have earned them a place in this list as determined by our distributors worldwide.

Artist of the month

Nuno Pires


Associated acts:

Ella Nor



Ciro Cruz Quartet


Mikkel Solnado

Nu Soul Family

Dino Santiago

Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, Nuno Pires is keyboardist, MD, writer and producer. As a freelance musician Nuno has worked with artists like Ella Nor, MegaDrive, Puzzle, Ciro Cruz Quartet, Caim, Mikkel Solnado, Nu Soul Family, Dino Santiago among others.

As a Musical Director Nuno has worked with artists like Carolina Deslandes, Virgul, April Ivy, Neev, Paulo Sousa. As a producer, writer and musician Nuno made the debut EP for artist Joana França and recorded several albums for other artists. 

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