The Nord Electro semi-weighted keyboard feels great, the sounds are great, and it responds well to MIDI. It helped lighten my load as I've sampled all of my old synths into there. The organ sounds great as anyone can tell by listening; but most importantly, it responds the way it should...and that includes the onboard Leslie simulation. The overdrive sounds just like it should.. a weak point in other B3 clones; even when using "real tubes". This is the go to board for me for almost all of the bands I play with, all styles. The factory presets are great and very useable; and the board is a breeze to use in my fast paced live performance environment...and it looks great!

Scott Guberman


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Scott Guberman

Scott Guberman is a member of Communion formed by Grateful Dead founding bassist, Phil Lesh and performs regularly with Phil Lesh and Friends.
Guberman has become an outstandingly important member of the Bay Area music scene in between his shows with Lesh, appearing most often at Terrapin Crossroads.  Guberman also has a close musical relationship with Stu Allen, performing with him regularly inside and outside of Lesh's bands. 
Scott Guberman's history finds him breaking into the Grateful Dead scene at the turn of the millennium. He first gained recognition as a Hammond organist performing heavily with Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and former Grateful Dead keyboardist, Tom Constanten; and touring with Grateful Dead's final keyboardist, Vince Welnick.  

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