Nord Sample Converter

Convert your samples to the new sample format used in the Nord Stage 3!


The Nord Sample Converter converts your existing Version 1 & 2 (.nsmp) files to the new Version 3 (.nsmp3) format used in the Nord Stage 3. Simply drag the .nsmp files to the application window and new .nsmp3 versions are automatically created inside a folder called "nsmp3" in the source folder.

CreatinG NEW samples for the Nord Stage 3

The Nord Sample Converter also offers a solution for Stage 3 owners in need of creating their own samples using the current version of the Nord Sample Editor:

  1. Create your sampled instrument in the Nord Sample Editor
  2. Export your instrument as .nsmp file
  3. Convert your exported file to .nsmp3 format using the Nord Sample Converter.
  4. Transfer to your Nord Stage 3 using the Nord Sound Manager