Optigan & Orchestron


The Optigan and Orchestron were successors to the famous Mellotron and Chamberlin-machines. All were analog mechanic sample players but Optigan and Orchestron used optical discs for storage, making them considerably more transportable than their one-tape-machine-player-per-key predecessors and also more affordable. Changing sounds was now simply a matter of swapping discs, but the sound fidelity attainable with these optical discs was very limited. 
Famous users include Kraftwerk (the 'Choir' sound on Radio Activity is the Orchestron), Elvis Costello, Devo, PJ Harvey and many more.

All samples are unretouched and include original mechanical noises and artifacts for maximum vintage authenticity!

Sound demos


Listen to a soundclip of some assorted samples (by Åke Danielson). All sounds use some reverb

Sound list

  • Opt Banjo BR
  • Opt Choir BR
  • Opt Guitar BR
  • Opt Organ Be3 BR
  • Opt Organ BR
  • Opt Strings BR
  • Orchest Cello BR
  • Orchest Choir BR
  • Orchest Flute BR
  • Orchest French Horn BR
  • Orchest Organ Hmd BR
  • Orchest Organ Pipe BR
  • Orchest Sax BR
  • Orchest Violin BR