Sequential Circuits Prophet-5


One of the first fully programmable polyphonic analog synths making its debut on the market in 1978, the Prophet-5 is a true classic. It is capable of a delightful analog sound that is unique to the Prophet series. The original had a five-voice polyphony - two oscillators per voice and a white noise generator, analog filters, 2 envelopes and LFO make the Prophet-5 a great sounding unit.

Sound demos

Listen to a soundclip of the Prophet 5 samples (by Åke Danielson). (Including: P5 SuperLeadUnison with CHOR1 / P5 Muted Synth with CHOR2 / P5 Crazy Singer / P5 PPG Lead / P5 Click Organ / P5 Saw Unison with CHOR2. All sounds with reverb)

Sound list

  • P5 BeatItWave BR
  • P5 Click Organ BR
  • P5 Crazy Singer BR
  • P5 Fatty Brass BR
  • P5 Funkesizer BR
  • P5 Lead Unison BR
  • P5 Luckiness BR
  • P5 Muted Synth BR
  • P5 PitchaPoly BR
  • P5 PPG Lead BR
  • P5 Saga Synth BR
  • P5 Saw Unison BR
  • P5 Spit Brass BR
  • P5 Square Lead BR
  • P5 SuperLeadUnison BR