Nord Brass Section


Nord Brass is a unique Nord production of a brass section. The section "Sus Fall" samples features a split point (at C5), with sustained notes on the lower part of the keyboard and "falls" on the upper part. Single and doubled instruments, in Mezzo-forte and Forte.

Sound list

  • Sect Fall_Dbl_F
  • Sect Fall_Dbl_MF
  • Sect Fall_S_F
  • Sect Fall_S_MF
  • Sect Sus Fall _Dbl_MF
  • Sect Sus Fall_Dbl_F
  • Sect Sus Fall_S_F
  • Sect Sus Fall_S_MF
  • Sect Sus_Dbl_F
  • Sect Sus_Dbl_MF
  • Sect Sus_S_F
  • Sect Sus_S_MF