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Tilliander Bank

25 brilliant kits for the Nord Drum 2


Swedish electronica legend Andreas Tilliander has created 25 great kits for the Nord Drum 2. Andreas is a man of many aliases such as his most recent creation TM404, but perhaps you also have heard of Svaag, Skitus, Mokira, Lowfour or Rechord? Tokyo, Nagano, Taipei, Shanghai, New York City, Bern, Venice have all witnessed TM404 and his unique analog hardware live sets. Richie Hawtin is a fan and has invited the man behind TM404 twice to his Enter experience at Space, Ibiza.

Tilliander’s Nord Drum 2 bank concentrates on bring out the electronic soul of the machine in 25 amazing kits. The sound demos were made using external sequencing with real-time controller changes and a minimum of external processing.

Check out a sound demo below and head over to the Tilliander Bank to hear more and to download the sounds!

Barbieri Bank

Magnificent sound bank for the Nord Lead A1


We're thrilled to present this absolutely stunning sound bank for the Nord Lead A1 by synth legend Richard Barbieri. The bank covers a wide range from the eerie pads, atmospherical leads to glitchy rhythms and ethnical instruments from a distant future...    

Richard Barbieri started his musical career with the group Japan in 1975. The band achieved critical and commercial success with their 5th studio album "Tin Drum" which stayed in the UK charts for a year. The painstaking approach to synthesiser programming along with the original rhythmic patterns of Mick Karn and Steve Jansen produced a sound that remains original to this day. Aside from recording and touring he sound designs for various music software and synthesiser manufacturers.

Check out these stunning sound demos for a taste, and download the bank for free here

Boska Bank

New impressive sound bank for the Nord Drum 2


The creative Norwegian drummer and producer Jon-Eirik Boska has created a striking signature bank for the Nord Drum 2. Boska releases house and electronic music under the Boska moniker, as well as playing drums for a range of Norwegian and international acts. He's also been involved in the Nord Drum development since its very first rendition.

The Boska Bank contains 50 kits and can be downloaded here, where you'll also find some great sound demos showcasing the expressive, versatile and dynamic range of the Nord Drum 2!

Please note that the Boska Bank requires Nord Drum 2 OS v3.00 or later. 

Check out some samples of his creation in the sound player below.

Nord Drum 2 OS Update!

Powerful new features added!


The new OS v3.00 update is an extensive upgrade that adds several powerful new features to your Nord Drum 2! Here are some of the highlights.

New Waveforms:

  • High-pass filtered detunable square wave (A5),
  • PW square Waveform (A6),
  • Ring Modulator Waveforms (R1 & R2).
  • Dual T-Filter (T1) waveforms inspired by classic analog drum machines


  • The A2-A4 Waveforms (triangle/sawtooth and square) can now be detuned for even fatter sounds.
  • Vastly improved C1 and C2 cymbal Waveforms
  • Shorter decays times are now possible.
  • The Effect section now also features a Ring Modulator!
  • This update also includes a number of bug fixes. See the Update history page for a complete list of all changes in v3.00.

Please note: We've put a lot of effort into converting extisting programs to sound like they did in v2.24, however some sounds may sound slightly different.

"JD73" Lead 4 Bank!

Brilliant set of fresh funk, soul and RnB patches!


Dan Goldman, also known as "JD73" has created a great set of Single Programs and Performance for the Nord Lead 4 Performance Synthesizer.

Dan's been working as a studio/gigging keyboardist for many years for bands like Morcheeba, Nightmares on Wax and Incognito and is also resident synth/keyboard guru at Future Magazine! Goldman’s soundbank for the Nord Lead 4 has been designed with both players and producers in mind and the sounds are perfect for electronic, soulful and funky styles- in particular disco, funk, house, jazz and RnB/Soul.

Head on over to the Nord Lead 4 Sound Library to download the JD73 Lead 4 Banks for free!

Sound Demo

Nord Sound Manager update

New features and bugfixes!


The new Nord Sound Manager v6.50 features several interface improvements to make it even easier to transfer sounds.

First off, the new upload and download dialogs give you much better control when handling factory banks from our website. Dropping a program or sample file on the Nord Sound Manager window will now automatically choose the correct destination tab. Nord Sound Manager now accepts .ZIP-files and will unzip them for you. The "Replace" feature has been renamed to "Substitute" for better clarity - and in addition to this we've also squashed a few bugs too!

Download the new version here!

Nord Lead A1 Sound Banks by Mario Pierro and Richard Devine

New Sounds for the A1!

Heaps of exquisite sounds from Richard Devine and Mario Pierro


We're now expanding the Nord Lead A1/A1R Sound Library with two excellent new artist banks from acclaimed sound designers Richard Devine and Mario Pierro!

Each artist has created 100 Performances and 100 Single Programs for the Nord Lead A1 that you can download for free in our Product Library section.

Richard Devine Bank

Mario Pierro Bank

All Banks are in Bundle format and are transferred with the Nord Sound Manager

Sound Demo

Bugfixes for the Nord Lead A1

OS Update

Bugfixes for the Nord Lead A1


Nord Lead A1 OS v1.32 is a small but important update that fixes two bugs related to the TB Filter and the Ensemble effect.

See Update History for full details. Go to the Download Section to get the new version.

Nord Lead A1 Demo

Walkthrough of some of the amazing new features of the A1!


Watch this new video for a glimpse of some of the unique new features of the Nord Lead A1 analog modeling synthesizer – a stunning sounding synthesizer with a simplified yet hugely powerful front panel interface.

Producing stand-out sounds for live or for the studio, the Lead A1 is ideal for all musical genres. Thanks to its carefully thought-out user interface, the Lead A1 encourages experimentation, allows for far speedier programming than would otherwise be possible, and ultimately delivers sensational sonic results.

Read more about the new Nord Lead A1 on the Product Page

Marque Gilmore Bank

Expressive sound bank for the Nord Drum 2


The innovative drummer/percussionist/producer and composer Marque Gilmore has put toghether a signature bank for the Nord Drum 2. Marque has been working globally as a professional musician for nearly 25 years and has a long experience combining the best of the acoustic and electronic world of percussion, as well as being a pioneer in combining and uniting musical expressions from all over the world.

The Marque Gilmore Bank contains 23 kits and can be downloaded here, where you'll also find some really brilliant sound demos showcasing the expressive, dynamic range of the Nord Drum 2!

Check out a taste of his sounds in the sound player below.