NORD LIVE: The São Paulo Sessions

Press Release, Stockholm 2022-03-23

Introducing NORD LIVE: The São Paulo sessions - an exclusive new series featuring some of the finest keyboard players in Brazil! 

We are proud to release the first Brazilian NORD LIVE session ever featuring some of the most renowned keyboard players in the country! The São Paulo Sessions feature fantastic performances from Filipe Martins, Salomão Soares, Mari Jacintho, Daniel Silveira, Marcus Abjaud and Deusnir Souza. The amazing backing band features Davi Henrique on bass and Lucas Alves on drums, led by Musical Director Filipe Martins. The session also features an exclusive performance by Salomão Soares Trio with Filipe Brisola on bass and Paulinho Vicente on drums. Staring off with the brilliant Filipe Martins performing his tune "Mudancas"! 


Filipe Martins
is an in-demand keyboardist/musical director based in São Paulo who has worked with dozens of Brazilian gospel artists including PC Baruk, Eli Soares, Eyshila, Bruna Karla and many others.

Salomão Soares 
is one of the most talented pianists of the new generation of Brazilian jazz musicians. Born in the state of Paraíba and based in São Paulo City, Salomão Soares is a pianist, arranger and composer. He has been performing alongside great names of Brazilian artists such as  Hermeto Pascoal, Leny Andrade, Hamilton de Holanda, Filó Machado, Nenê, Vinicius Dorin, Itiberê Zwarg, Altay Veloso, Arismar do Espírito Santo and Toninho Ferragutti.

Mari Jacintho
is an acclaimed producer/keyboardist/teacher born in Jaú, São Paulo. Mari has recorded for renowned artists such as Jorge & Mateus, Luan Santana, Marcos & Belutti, Wesley Safadão and Claudia Leite. She is currently working with Brazilian artist Ana Vitoria, and was rewarded a Latin Grammy for their collaboration.

Daniel Silveira  
is a renowned producer/keyboardist born in Belo Horizonte-Minas Gerais, Brazil. Daniel has worked with a wide range of famous Brazilian artists including guitarist Toninho Horta, singer Eduardo Costa and gospel artist Thalles Roberto to name a few. 

Marcus Abjaud 
is an established keyboardist/musical director/producer based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Marcus Abjaud began his career as a professional musician at the age of 15. He has accompanied nationally renowed artists such as Victor and Léo, Eduardo Costa, Paula Fernandes, Léo Gandelman and international artists including guitarist Mike Moreno and Toninho Horta. He is currently working with Brazlian artist Wilson Sideral and gospel singer Eli Soares as well as Brazilian The Voice (Rede Globo) and his own instrumental project Religare. 

Deusnir Souza  
is a young gifted pianist and keyboard player from São Paulo who has gained prominence and a large following after sharing his impressive piano skills on YouTube and social media. 

Nord LIVE: THe São Paulo sessions: Filipe Martins  


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