Between composing, recording, touring, and scoring, I need a keyboard that can literally do everything, and I finally found that keyboard in the Nord Stage 2. As a classical pianist, the action of the keys is crucial to me, and I fell in love with the response of the hammer action design, which captures all the expressive subtleties in my performances. Nord’s sample library is also very impressive and has inspired many ideas, but the ability to tweak these tones and load my own user samples leaves me with endless sonic possibilities.

Ashley Jurgemeyer


Associated acts:

Abigail Williams
Cradle of Filth

Ashley Jurgemeyer is a composer and pianist that first made her mark in the heavy music world in 2004 as co-founder and keyboardist of black metal act Abigail Williams, hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. Long before this turn of events, her roots were laid down in classical music, which she fell in love with and began studying and the early age of 6. She continued her training through college at Arizona State University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Music Theory and Composition. Ashley studied with John Metz, Jody Rockmaker, and James DeMars and was granted the Louis Kerr Grant in composition. It was during these years that she was introduced to metal and discovered that she could fuse her love of the piano and orchestra with heavy guitars and drums to create the intensity she always felt beneath her playing.

Ashley recently located to Los Angeles to begin composing for film. She continues to remain active in the band circuit, composes and records for various artists, and teaches piano and music theory. 

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