The Nord stage series is one of the best sounding keyboards out!! The sounds are very accurate to the real thing. The EPs and the Clavinets remind me of Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock, and the Nord C2D is one of the most realistic organs on the market. The Leslie alone would make Billy Preston stand up on the bench and shout. Not to mention all the classic vintage organs this keyboard has to offer! Makes for the best organ on the market!

Brandon Coleman


Associated acts:

Donald Glover
Flying Lotus
Kamasi Washington

Bending the future of sound, taking ivory and ebony to destinations unknown, is keyboard maestro, vocalist, composer, producer, arranger and astral traveler Brandon Coleman. A regular fixture with Babyface, Donald Glover, Flying Lotus, and Kamasi Washington’s band, Coleman represents a new chapter in the evolution of jazz and funk fusion. 

Following the release of Resistance  in 2018 via Brainfeeder, Coleman embarked on a thirty(30)-city tour supporting Flying Lotus in 2019, laying his interplanetary dance grooves down for eager audiences. This project represents a new chapter in the Funk dynasty that spans a multitude of generations and genres, and honors their ethos of freedom and experimentation in his search for Funk’s future.  Coleman’s bold voice reminds us that great music can also contain fun & whimsy, no other member of the current generation has made such a strong commitment to expanding on the psychedelic grooves of decades past, and with so much finesse.

“For those accustomed to Coleman’s role laying the foundation for expansive spiritual-jazz explorations in Kamasi Washington’s band, it’s revelatory to hear him so spry on his feet and down to get down. If his work with Washington contains all the weight and gravitas of Sunday church, Coleman’s Resistance has all the fun, breeziness- and yes, sunlight- of an afternoon church picnic,” said Andy Beta of Pitchfork. At a typical Brandon Coleman show, it’s common to get the entire Sunday extravaganza.

INTELLECTUAL BLACK SPACE, which will be released later in 2021, is a cinematic Funk odyssey featuring Coleman on keyboards, keytar & vocoder accompanied by electric bass and drums. One is made to feel transported not only to another universe, but another moment in time— a joyful dance party in another galaxy.


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