The Nord Electro 3 is also an absolute essential for the studio. Whether I'm playing a dirty Wurlitzer or an Upright Piano, the authenticity of its sound is unmatched. Leave it to the Swedes.

Brett Lindemann


Associated acts:

Welshly Arms
Natasha Bedingfield
Kate Voegele

Born and raised right outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Brett Lindemann has been playing piano since age 4. After studying classical piano for almost a decade, Brett discovered a new love for the instrument when he started venturing into jazz and blues.  Some of his major influences include Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, and Dr. John.
Brett continued to study jazz piano throughout high school and into college, teaching lessons as time permitted. Since graduating from Loyola University Chicago with degrees in Political Science and International Studies, Brett has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe with singer-songwriter Kate Voegele. In addition to headlining several tours, they have toured with artists and bands such as Natasha Bedingfield, Parachute, Jordin Sparks, and Green River Ordinance. In 2012, Brett reconnected with several fellow Cleveland musicians to form Welshly Arms, a blues/rock band with a heavy rhythm and soul influence.  Their debut EP ‘Welcome’ was released in March of 2013 and they are looking to hit the road soon.

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