Daniella Bernard


Associated acts:

Jonathan Nelson
Todd Galberth

Daniella Bernard is a Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer and String Arranger based in Hertfordshire, UK. From the age of 3, Daniella was trained classically in Piano, Violin and Clarinet and was taught her first ever music lesson from her mum. Through hard work and rigorous training, she passed her Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM) with Distinction at the age of 12. 

Already having a strong passion for Classical music, she integrated the musical knowledge stemmed from Classical into Gospel and Jazz, fusing the 3 genres together. This enabled her to be able to reharmonize and play by ear from a very young age. Through continuous practice and study, a very unique playing style was developed that captured the attention of Gospel Producer Michael Bereal and thousands across the world online.

Now studying music at Goldsmiths University in London, Daniella is now an exceptionally skilled musician who has played and performed with both Gospel and Secular artists such as Lizzo, Jonathan Nelson, TianaMaj9 & Todd Galberth. She recently just finished accompanying US singer Fatai on her Europe Tour.

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