The Nord electro 3 is a beautiful sounding keyboard. It's the only keyboard out there that can convey the texture and smoothness of my Mark I EP or Wurlitzer 140B, and since I started touring with it, I haven't looked back. It's pretty great to have access to samples as well. The keyboard action is a nice blend of a lot of great classic keyboard qualities. It's also probably the most reliable keyboard I own and has never let me down, no matter how many flights I take it on. It's very light and I can carry it by myself

Darby Cicci


Associated acts:

The Antlers

Darby Cicci is a member of the indie rock band The Antlers, currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Their music is composed and performed by Silberman, Darby Cicci (trumpet, upright/electric bass, keyboards, synths, vocals) and Michael Lerner (drums). The Antlers’ makeup has developed from a lo-fi, bedroom recording folk project into a heavily lush and orchestrated rock group with an aptitude for melodious experimentation and layering. The instrumentation consists of vocals, electric guitar, keyboards/synths, drums and an array of other instruments including piano, horns, strings, and electronic elements.

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