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My Electro 3 has far surpassed every expectation. The response from the pianos, EP's, and Clav are excellent. The organ sounds this board is capable of producing are absolutely spot on - really amazing. I love the effects, the ability to use samples, the action of the keys, and just the overall layout of the board. I'm thrilled and honored to be endorsing Nord Keyboards, and I encourage anyone with a need for completely authentic vintage and acoustic keyboard sounds to check out the new Electro 3 - it rocks!

Dave LaGrande


Associated acts:

John Berry
Heidi Newfield
Sister Hazel

Dave LaGrande has lived in Nashville since late 2007. He has performed with such artists as late Opry star, Mel McDaniel; 80's Pop icon, Tiffany; Grammy nominated vocalist, John Berry; country singer Heidi Newfield, as well as the rock/pop group Sister Hazel.  Dave has appeared on the Grand Ole Opry dozens of times as well as national television on shows such as The Late, Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson, various Trinity Broadcast Network shows, as well as the Academy of Country Music Awards. Dave has also appeared as a side musician in ABC's new drama "Nashville" - he can be seen in Ep. 7 of season 1, and most recently in Ep. 2 of season 2 which begins airing in September of 2013. 

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