The sound, realism and feel of Nord instruments really allow me to bring my sound out authentically. They inspire me. I'm a tactile guy so the layout of Nord instruments is perfect, allowing me to shape my sounds quickly, musically, and without menu diving

David Davis


Associated acts:

Sister Sledge
Evelyn King
Deniece Williams
Petite Noir.

While David Davis has spent the greater part of his life building up his repertoire as a session musician and multi-instrumentalist, he is also a distinguished producer, composer and music director. 

Based in South East London, David’s career has seen him perform alongside Grime heavyweight Stormzy at the Brit Awards 2020, Hamzaa, Sister Sledge, Evelyn “Champagne” King, Deniece Williams and Petite Noir. In the booth, he has recorded for Kari Faux, Sharna Bass, ABC Dialect, and has sessioned for independent projects across the country.  

David is a highly sought after session musician and composer with a deep understanding of his own style, defined by his profound ability to serve the song and not the ego. Lush chords and tasteful licks mark the core of his ‘touch’ on the keys, echoing his strong affinity for Neo-Soul and Jazz. However, David’s sonic palette is wide-ranging, and his talents extend to Gospel, Fusion, Funk and Rock. Above all, David imparts a certain charm and personality into each and every project.

David’s foray into music began as early as 2, when he received his first set of drums. Piano and keyboard followed at 6, along with the bass guitar at 9. A young start allowed David to develop a strong foundation for the intricacies and nuances of songwriting. More importantly, he developed a steadfast passion for the craft which has only evolved and matured with age. For David, “it’s important to let your creativity flow, to leave a mark in time and history. Writing music is a way to do that”.

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