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Emil Svanängen


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Loney Dear

Loney dear is the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Emil Svanängen’s idiosyncratic musical project where classic song-writing meets complex productions – both wide open and uplifting as well as sensitive and heart breaking…

Loney dear is currently signed to Peter Gabriel’s label Real World Records and Gabriel himself named him “Europe’s answer to Brian Wilson.” The Sunday Times described him as “one of the most uplifting, inspiring and healing voices you’ll ever hear.”

2017 saw the release of his self-titled album “Loney dear” on Real World Records and again Loney dear received praise from the press. Since then, live concerts have become his main focus and he has found different and unique ways to perform them: Completely solo, with trios, with chamber orchestras as well as with full symphony orchestras.

2021 he released his eighth album “A Lantern and a Bell”, which as received with standing ovations from music journalists all over Europe.

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