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Fed Conti


Associated acts:

Fabri Fibra
Cube Guys
Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari
Benny Golson
Cissy Houston
Charles Bowen

Fed Conti is an Italian house/electro and techno music Dj with a long background as musician and producer active in several music genres.
Growing up as a jazz-rock musician, he played the Hammond organ and piano with artists such Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari, Benny Golson, Charles Bowen, Lannie McMillan, Mike Stern, Buster Williams, and Mel Gaynor from Simple Minds.

Since 2011 he is focusing on Electro, House and Techno music playing original both 4 decks Dj sets and Live Electronic Sets with real time synthesizers and sequencers. During his performances he loves to mix original music and remixes with the cream of the crop from today’s club scene, blending this phrenetic musical universe with some hard to find original mashups and classics, maintaining a distinct hard and dancefloor friendly flow!

Fed has DJed in most important clubs around Europe including Paradiso (Amsterdam), Razmataz (Barcelona), Avalon (Holywood) Fabric (London), Fura (Italy), music conferences such Ade (Amsterdam), Wmc (Miami) and many underground parties and festivals in Uk, Italy, Greenland, Belgium, Greece, Germany, France, Spain. In the past he collaborated as producer with Sugababes, Fabri Fibra, Cube Guys, Sheila Brodi, Alex Gaudino, Grum, Cissy Houston, Kym Mazelle and many more. 

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