It was always a dream to have a Nord keyboard, from the first time I heard the sound I fell in love with it, and today actually playing the instrument, the experience is incredible!

Filipe Martins


Associated acts:

PC Baruk
Eli Soares
Bruna Karla
Midian Lima
Gabriel Guedes
Rose Nascimento
Paloma Possi
Ericka Nascimento
Melk Villar.

Filipe Martins is a Brazilian keyboardist, who started playing at church, in a very small town without many financial conditions, but his dedication and talent allowed him to expand his brand and became musically known. At the age of 15, he began performing with famous Brazilian gospel singers. Hitting through different styles, Filipe learned to be versatile. Currently, he dedicates himself to his own compositions, shows, also dedicates himself to his group “The Outside Home”, with a very intimate sonic sound and also dedicates himself to the career of his wife and singer Jael Caroline.

In December 2021 Filipe was the Musical Director for NORD LIVE: Sao Paulo Sessions, the first Nord session ever in Brazil. 


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