As soon as I laid my hands on the first Nord Stage model years ago, I knew that I had found the perfect keyboard for me. The lush, vibrant sounds, the incredibly intuitive user interface and the light weight of the instrument make it the best performance keyboard in the world as far as I'm concerned. Since then I've had every Stage model and never looked back! More recently, I acquired a Nord Drum 2 which sounds huge and meets all my synth-drum needs

Gil Assayas


Associated acts:

Edna Vasquez
Logan Lynn

Originally from Jerusalem, Israel, Gil relocated to the US in late 2015 and quickly became one of the most sought after keyboard players in Oregon. 

Besides performing and touring with numerous Portland based artists such as Logan Lynn, Edna Vasquez and Johanna Warren, Gil also performs solo under the name GLASYS using a setup that completely revolves around his Nord Stage 2 EX and Nord Drum 2.

In less than a year since the inception of his solo project, GLASYS has played hundreds of shows on the West Coast, has been featured on dozens of radio shows and press publications, a video of his performance was shared on Nord Keyboard's front page and social media and his song 'The Pressure' was aired at a Portland Trailblazers NBA game during halftime.


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