I love using Nord keyboards because they have a sort of intuitive ease to them, yet have the power to showcase such amazing sonic complexity. The way you can layer patches on the fly makes this keyboard a constant winner for me. Additionally, the feeling of the actual keys themselves are another reason Nord is always my go-to choice as a professional touring keyboard.

Heather Rivas


Associated acts:

Jacob Banks

Heather Rivas is a keyboardist, pianist, and composer based out of Los Angeles. She has been able to perform with highly acclaimed trumpeter Wayne Bergeron, and world-renowned bassist John Clayton. Heather has been a part of many different projects that have combined her passions. She is the co-founder of the band, Her Say, and just last year released her solo EP entitled "Licorice". This debut is the first showcase in her own compositions and how they fuse together the styles of music that influence her. Additionally, Heather has performed and toured with artist Tonina and currently tours with artist Jacob Banks.


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