Jacob “Jakes” Nansen

New Zealand

Associated acts:

Stan Walker
Brooke Fraser
Daniel Beddingfield
Nesian Mystic
Vince Harder
Parson James
Mitch James
Niko Walters

Jacob "Jakes" Nansen, is a Kiwi/Samoan born and raised in Central Auckland specialising in gospel, funk, jazz, rock and classical music. Jakes has been featured on POPSTARS NZ’ as the keyboardist in the House band ‘The Levites’ and has worked as Musical Director & Keyboardist with NZ soul artists ‘Teeks’ and ‘Stan Walker’. He is also currently Musical Director for New Zealand hip hop artists ‘Kings’ and ‘Melodowns’. Past collaborations include work with Brooke Fraser, Daniel Beddingfield, Nesian Mystic, Kimbra, Vince Harder, Parson James, Mitch James and Niko Walters. 

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