What I like the most about Nord keyboards, besides the sound, is the two-dimensional interface. Everything you need, is right in front of you, like a pedalboard. An effect is activated by one push on a button and it’s super easy to make and save presets. Nord keyboards feel like real instruments, rather than complicated workstations with touch screens and many submenus in which one easily gets lost.

Leon Den Engelsen


Associated acts:

Jaimi Faulkner

Leon den Engelsen is an allround keyboardist and producer who has been working with artists like Jaimi Faulkner, Boris Titulaer, Mark Lotterman, Damian Wilson and Sevdaliza. In 2011, he graduated at the pop-department of the Conservatory in Rotterdam, in 2012 he moved to New Orleans to study jazz music and recently he got his master degree in composition and music production. Today, besides being on stage, he produces music, and teaches keyboards at the Herman Brood Academie in Utrecht.

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