Marcus Abjaud


Associated acts:

Wilson Sideral
Eli Soares
Victor and Léo
Eduardo Costa
Paula Fernandes
Léo Gandelman
Mike Moreno
Toninho Horta
Flávio Venturini
Daniel Santiago
Filo Machado
Marcelo Martins
Torcuato Mariano
Josué Lopez
Junior Braguinha
Frederico Heliodoro

Marcus Abjaud is an established keyboardist/musical director/producer based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Marcus Abjaud began his career as a professional musician at the age of 15. He has accompanied nationally renowed artists such as Victor and Léo, Eduardo Costa, Paula Fernandes, Léo Gandelman and international artists including guitarist Mike Moreno and Toninho Horta. He is currently working with Brazlian artist Wilson Sideral and gospel singer Eli Soares as well as Brazilian The Voice (Rede Globo) and his own instrumental project Religare. 

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