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Nord has, time and time again, managed to surpass the ostensibly insurmountable non-musicality produced by bean counters in charge of manufacturing the production of other well-known “musical” instruments; and instead, invented keyboards that (i’m embarrassed to admit) I’d regularly choose over an real acoustic instrument; even in a studio setting.

Matt Weisberg


Associated acts:

Reo Speedwagon
Ira Sullivan

Despite being a recent addition to the Los Angeles area, Matt Weisberg is already a prominent figure in the widely varied music scene. Matt has made a name for himself as an award-winning and in-demand pianist/keyboardist, composer, educator, multi-instrumentalist session musician, and producer. As a performer, Matt has worked with some of the best; notwithstanding being totally at ease in any genre and setting. Matt is a first-call session musician; his playing finding it's way into everything from major theatre productions and sketchers TV commercials to major label EP's. Matt has worked with everyone from latin pop star, Estafano, REO speedwagon, various american idols, Matthew Morrison of “Glee”, all of the finalists from “The Voice” of 2012, to a myriad of notable jazz all-stars. Ira Sullivan, Clare Fischer, Brian Lynch, Bill Watrous, Eric Marienthal, Pete Christlieb, Ramon Banda, John Heard, Katisse Buckingham, just to name a few.

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