Philip Neterowicz


Associated acts:

Syster Sol
Million Stylez
Papa Dee
Desmond Foster

A Swedish Jazzpianoplayer, keyboardist, composer, songwriter, arranger and producer that started to play the piano at the age of 5 and is educated at the Royal College of music in Stockholm. Philip has worked with different artists such as: Syster Sol, Million Stylez, Papa Dee, Desmond Foster, Amy Diamond, Timbuktu, Petter, Governor Andy, Kristin Amparo, Cleo. Currently he´s touring and producing for/with Syster Sol, Sture Allén Den Yngre, the K-pop band Beast and his jazzbands Soundstream Jazz Sextet and The Quiet Nights Orchestra.

Clavias keyboards has always been the foundation of Philips gear due to the great sounds and the amazing sound libraries, both on stage and in the studio were he´s got all the original instruments. With Clavias keyboards he can easily bring all those instruments on stage without hurting his back and with a great sounding result.  

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