For years, the Wurly in the Nord Electro was an immediate go to. Put the Electro into an amp, mic it up, and it was a dead ringer for the original in the track. When keyboardists came to the studio, most unanimously requested a more recent Nord Stage 2. It is now in my arsenal and I could not be more knocked out with the sounds! From the pianos and organs to the Mellotron sounds, it is all I need - not to mention the incredible rotor effects and options, since I am a rotating speaker freak

Rich Pagano


For the last 25 years, Rich Pagano has made his living as a New York City session drummer, touring musician and lecturer on the art of recording drums at NYU in New York City. His recording, producing and stage credits include, Patti Smith, Rosanne Cash, Robbie Robertson, Ray Davies, Willie Nile, gospel icon Marie Knight, Joan Osborne, Levon Helm, Roger Waters, Mott The Hoople legend Ian Hunter and the premier Beatles band, The Fab Faux in which he is a founding member and singer/drummer.

Many of the aforementioned artists have recorded at his studio, New Calcutta Recordings with Rich as engineer or producer. He is currently in the studio recording his second solo release with his band, the sugarCane cups.

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