Trevor Oswalt


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East Forest

Trevor Oswalt, AKA East Forest creates electro-acoustic dreamscapes influenced by classical, electronic and avant pop backgrounds. His immersive live looping sessions span a range that leads people from deep introspection to sweaty dancefloors on stages and festivals internationally. Forging a deliberate balance between music as a sonic technology and its use as an instrument of healing, he harnesses the restorative power of sound of as a way of bridging the disconnect that's often felt between the frayed and weakened worlds of the spiritual and the physical. Called "magnificent" (Huffington Post) and "blissful" (NPR) his broad appeal is reflected from his touring with artists ranging from the deep electronic Bluetech to the heartlands American Idol's, Crystal Bowersox, with performances from SXSW, Lightning In A Bottle to Grace Cathedral, and Gillette Stadium.

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