My Nord Grand is my newest favorite, the unique piano patches emulates a natural grand piano. Where Nord is, the Lord is!

Tyrae Brown


Associated acts:

Sonnie Badu
Earnest Pugh
Nolan Williams
Danton Whitley​

Tyrae Brown, Founder of Brownsvillemusic, has been described as eclectic and detailed. His mission is to touch the hearts of people through his music without neglecting the vision and heart of the artist he produces. With thousands on copies sold, his tutorial DVD, available on "" conveys Tyrae's ability to comfortably teach how to approach the keyboard in a way that is unique and easy to follow.

He is currently a Grammy Associate serving the Washington, D.C. chapter for 4 years. Currently the Minister of Worship, at the New Psalmist Baptist Church in Baltimore, MD serving 10,000 members through music and before that He served as Musical Director, at Mt. Ennon Baptist Church for 8 years, in Clinton, MD serving 8,000 members. He leads a consistent band of musicians, engineers, and singers in weekly productions for the churches. Tyrae, is also a world traveling musician, touring and producing for artist and award shows across the globe. His hope is that the music he creates will not only leave a lasting impact on the hearts and souls of all who hear, but to do it in excellence, glorifying God.


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