I love all those keyboards because they are ready to play the music I like, to tweak, to download elegant libraries. They are smartly designed for musicians who want to improvise, to create without bad compromises .

Xavier Tribolet


Associated acts:

Bernard Lavilliers
Yael Naim

Xavier was born into a Belgian family of musicians. As a child he began studying piano and percussion and on hitting his teens, he turned to rock and jazz, attending Jazz Seminaries. He studied Philosophy while completing his musical education at the Jazz Conservatory of Brussels, graduating in Drums and Harmony. By that time, he was already a familiar sight on the music scene, playing drums and piano with famous Belgian singers and jazzmen as well as being part of a big band.  
Offered a contract as a pianist on French radio's (France Inter daily program « Rien à Cirer »), he moved to Paris and began playing in house bands for poplular TV shows.

He has recorded and toured as a Musical Director, drummer, pianist and arranger with many high profile artists such as Yael Naim, Bernard Lavilliers, Imany, Sanseverino, Clarika, Maurane, Tina Arena, Michel Fugain, Axelle Red, Malia, Marcia Maria, Pierre Rapsat, Dave, Junior Jack, William Sheller, Dick Annegarn, Ariane Moffatt, Mozart l’Opera Rock etc.

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