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Nord Modular OS Update

Nord Modular OS v3.03b Update.hqx Download for Mac OS 8/9
Nord Modular OS v3.03b Download for Windows

Important notice

Before you proceed with the upgrade it is very important that you save your patches from the Modular internal memory to the computer. The Patches in the Nord Modular and Micro Modular internal memory will be permanently erased when upgrading the operating system from V2.10 or earlier versions to V3.03! If you upgrade from V3.01 or later, the patches will remain in the internal memory after upgrading to V3.03.

Nord Micro Modular OS Update

Nord Modular User Manual

Nord Modular English User Manual v3.0 Edition 3.0.pdf English User Manual v3.0 Edition 3.0

Nord Modular Editor

Nord Modular Editor v3.03.hqx Download for Mac OS 8/9
Nord Modular Editor Download for Windows

Note for Windows users: Place the Helpfile in the same folder as the Nord Modular Editor v3.03 executable.

Nord Modular Editor OS X Beta

Nord Modular Editor OSX Download for Mac OS X

Due to the public demand and to support our Mac customers Clavia decided in 2003, to make a public beta version of the OSX editor available. NOTE: This beta is not a released software version and Clavia takes no responsibility for any bugs in the package nor will we do any further development of this beta.

This beta version of the editor is pretty much fully functional with OS X 10.1.5 and up til 10.6.8. A known bug is that if you control click on a module, to delete it or change its name, the editor will promptly crash. The workaround is to select a module and press the delete key, and to rename it just double click on the name of the module.

Compatible Sound Libraries