Downloads for Nord Stage

Latest version: 

Nord Stage OS Update

Update Nord Stage OS v5.08.dmg Download for Mac OSX
Update Nord Stage OS Download for Windows

Update History can be found here.

Nord Stage User Manual

Nord Stage EX English User Manual v6.x Edition 6.0.pdf English User Manual, OS v6.x, Print Edition 6.0
Nord Stage 88 French User Manual v.1.1 Edition 2.0.pdf French User Manual, OS v1.1x, Print Edition 2.0
Nord Stage 88 German User Manual v1.1x.pdf German User Manual, OS v1.1x
Nord Stage Portuguese User Manual v2.0x.pdf Portuguese User Manual v2.0x

The original Stage Classic manual did not cover the added Sound Manager functionality, that is why the EX manual is available here.

SysEx Guide

Nord Stage English Sysex Guide.pdf Nord Stage SysEx Guide English
Nord Stage Japanese SysEx Guide.pdf Nord Stage SysEx Guide Japanese

Nord Stage Factory Restore

Use the Factory Restore file with the Nord Sound Manager application to restore your instrument to the sounds and system settings it was shipped with.

Note: This file will restore the pianos to the former .nsp format.

Compatible Sound Libraries

Compatible Software Tools

Clavia USB Driver

The installer will run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7/8/10 and will automatically determine if you use a 32- or 64-bit system.