The Man Behind Nord’s US Live Tech Support

TAMPA, FLORIDA — May 2015 — The days of spending an overwhelming amount of time flipping through a manual, talking to an automated answering service, or surfing the Internet to answer your technical questions about the latest and greatest gadgets are long gone, at least for Nord keyboards customers.

​Not only are Nord keyboards handmade in Sweden, but also they have another quality that makes them unique and that is their U.S. and Canada technical support guru Pablo Mastodon who takes live calls daily. “When you buy a Nord, you get me with it.  I can be a human being for people. People are shocked when they reach someone live for the first time,”Mastodon said.

From the everyday end user to the Hollywood megastars performing at their sold out tours, Mastodon provides personal technical support to each person he encounters. “On the road I’ve serviced artists such as Usher, Lady Gaga, Lady Antebellum, John Mayer, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and others, but it’s not just the ‘big boys and girls’ who occasionally get the ‘house call’ treatment,” he said.

Nord’s National Sales Manager, Bryan Pistone, believes that Mastodon is very passionate about his work and helping people. “I have heard stories about how he has traveled across the country on his own dime to help out a user who has a problem that couldn’t be fixed over the phone. It is hard to imagine anyone else being as equally dedicated as Pablo,” Pistone said.

Mastodon has demo units of all of Nord’s current product models provided by American Music & Sound, the U.S. distributor of Nord. He also has older Nord models in his collection he bought via Craigslist and eBay to help service legacy customers. Mastodon’s goal is to never turn down a customer just because a model is out-of-date or no longer sold. 

There are over 30 Nord instruments in Mastodon’s collection. “I’m quite certain that this is the largest collection of Nord instruments anywhere on the planet excluding Nord headquarters itself,” he said.

Pablo has worked for American Music & Sound for 5 years. He goes by the motto, “Nord tech support, just another part of the Nord difference”. According to Pistone, Mastodon is a big part of that difference. “Customers that have dealt with Pablo know exactly what I mean. We love our Pablo and feel privileged to have him as a part of our team,” he said.