Nord C2 - Update History

v2.0 (2012-05-14)

  • All features from the C2D B3 engine and Rotary speaker simulation is ported to C2.
  • Setting "A" (all) has been added to System Menu item #3, Ext Rotary Speaker. This means that the pipe organ can be used in external rotary speakers.
  • Rotary Mode menu (Sound #12) has three entries: "A" means the 122 model, "b" means 122 model with close microphone positioning and "C" means 145. The former rotary "b" (the Clavia original) has been removed for code size reasons.
  • New menu setting. Sound Menu #15: Key Bounce enabled. Settings are "y" or "n".
  • New menu setting. Sound Menu #16: Rotary Horn/Bass Balance. Settings are 1 - 5 going from more Bass to more Horn. Setting 3 is Normal (50/50).
  • Fixed a Bass MIDI bug where incoming MIDI at the Bass MIDI input was not redirected to MIDI Out as it should.
  • Synth bass could in previous versions hang when switching between synth and wheel bass.

Important note - After updating to OS v2.00 you need to enter your preferred settings for the following items in order for your Nord C2 to operate correctly.

System Menu

  • #3: Output Routing External Rotary Speaker: has a new setting "A" for routing everything including the Pipe Organ to this output.

Sound Menu 

  • #11: Key Click Level: Range: "H" Higher, "h" High, "n" Normal (default) and "l" Low.
  • #12: Rotary Mode: "A" 122 model, "b" 122 model with close microphone position or "c" for the 145 model.
  • #15: Key Bounce Enabled: settings are "y" (yes) or "n" (no).
  • #16: Rotary Bass/Horn Balance: Settings are 1-5. "1" favours more Bass, "5" gives you more Horn. A 50/50 balance is "3".

v1.32 (2010-06-08)

  • The Voice allocation algorithm for the pipe organ has been greatly improved.
  • The couplers that ''connect'' the swell and the great manuals to the pedals (SW/PED and GR/PED) are now selected on an exclusive basis, just as some of the other couplers already are. It is now only possible to use one of these at a time.
  • A bug reported to us by our German friend, the great Bernd Wurzenrainer that could cause Synth bass notes to hang if you changed the organ model while playing, has been fixed. Thanks Bernd!
  • The pipe organ now conforms to the setting of the Organ Trig Mode parameter in the System Menu. The High Trigger mode was previously unavailable for the pipe organ.
  • Reverb algorithms have been tweaked to create a smoother, wider sound.


  • Added a second rotary model (145).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Delay Tempo knob to stop working.


  • First release.