Nord Lead Specification

Technical Specification

  • Polyphony 4 voices (12 expanded).
  • 4 part multi-timbral.

Special features

  • Velocity program: each function, controlled by a knob, can be controlled to respond to keyboard velocity.
  • Performance controllers
  • 4 octave velocity sensitive keyboard with octave shift buttons (+/-2 oct.).
  • Modulation Wheel, the Pitch Stick (with no dead zone at zero crossing), 1 pedal input.

User interface

  • 2 digit display, 26 knobs and 26 buttons for program editing.

Oscillator section

  • OSC 1 generating triangle, saw- tooth or pulse with adjustable width, waveforms.
  • OSC 2 generating triangle, sawtooth or pulse (with adjustable width) waveforms and can also generate noise with a color control.
  • OSC 2 can be hardsynched to OSC 1. Linear deep frequency modulation of OSC 1 from OSC 2.

Filter section

  • 12 dB (2-pole) low pass, 24 dB (4-pole) low pass, band pass or high pass.
  • Cut off, resonance, envelope amount, envelope amount controlled by velocity.
  • ADSR envelope.
  • Filter keyboard tracking, full or off.

Amplifier section

  • ADSR envelope
  • Gain control.

Modulation section

  • LFO 1 generating triangle, saw and random staircase routed to OSC1+2, OSC 2, filter or pulse- width.
  • LFO 2 produces a triangle waveform, routed to OSC 1 and 2 or amplifier.
  • It also controls the rate for the arpeg- giator.
  • Arpeggiator: Range: 1-4 octave. Modes: up, down, up/down, random. Hold function. Echo can be set between 1 to 8 repeats.
  • Modulation envelope (attack, decay) for OSC 2 pitch, FM amount and pulse width.

Performance section

  • Play mode: Poly, legato, mono, unison mono, unison poly.
  • Manual mode: Four program slots for layering possibilities.
  • Portamento/auto portamento.


  • Programs (single sounds): 40 user, 59 Factory programs and 100 Factory Performances.
  • With the 8 voice expansion card, the Nord Lead can hold an additional 297 (99 x 3) user programs and 300 User Performance on a PCMCIA 128 kilobyte battery backed RAM card.

Audio Out

  • 2 outputs (stereo). Low noise 18 bit DACs.
  • Headphones out (stereo)

MIDI features

  • All control knobs and switches for program editing send and receive control change messages.
  • System exclusive bulk dumps. One program or all programs. 


  • Width 865mm / 34"
  • Depth 265mm / 10.4"
  • Heigth 105mm / 4.1"
  • Weight 6.7 kg /14.7 lbs 

Rackversion: 435mm (W) x 210mm (D) x 105mm (H),  19" rackspace, 4 units high

Specifications subject to change without notice.