Nord Modular G2 - Update History


  • If the 1.6 Editor was exited and then restarted, it would not be able to find the G2 unless the synth was restarted, or the USB cable was re-connected. The update to 1.62 fixes this issue.


  • Support for Windows Vista and the new USB driver.
  • Native support for the Intel processors on the Macintosh platform.


  • From this version the Nord Modular G2 Editor provides two new tools for patch modification, the Patch Adjuster for quick patch changes on a global level, and the Patch Mutator for extensive sonic exploration based on interactive evolution. Together these tools greatly simplify the sound design process, and allow you to get interesting results even without knowledge of the inner workings of a specific patch.

Additional Features

  • Users with red-green-difficulties have expressed problems to differentiate between pressed and non-pressed buttons. To solve this we have implemented a Color Scheme setting found in the Options dialog.
  • The patch window automatically scrolls when dragging a cable outside the window. Also the zone inside the window that triggers scrolling while dragging cables or moving modules has been enlarged.
  • A new hot key 'z' will play the last played key on the Virtual Keyboard.
  • Fixed bugs, all platforms
  • Tool tip text of the OscMaster coarse parameter has been corrected.
  • Patch Level display differed slightly in the synth and the editor.
  • Some patches with many modules with many parameters made the G2 halt.
  • Save As now suggest the entire filename and not only the valid 16 characters.
  • Fixed a problem with gain in FltStatic when changing between variations where it was in different modes.
  • Clicking sound was removed from the lowest setting in the built in glide.
  • Doing more than 25 simultaneous parameter changes you could on rare occasions lose one.

Windows Only

  • Using hot keys to open Open or Save dialogs now close module tool tips.
  • Hovering with the mouse pointer over the Open and Save dialog could crash the Editor on some computers.
  • Sometimes only one floating tool window was focused when trying to focus the application.