Nord Stage - Update History

v5.08 (2018-05-16)

  • Spare part compatibility update

v5.06 (2014-10-27)

  • Fixed bug for Piano Engine Release samples.

v5.04 (2010-06-16)

  • The Stage Classic is now compatible with the new v5 platform with the v5 Piano sounds, the new Sound Manager 5.30 and the v3.00 WHQL certified USB driver.

v4.20 (2009-11-12)

  • Reverb algorithms are tweaked to create a smoother, wider sound.
  • Stage Classic is now compatible with Stage EX Programs.
  • Fixed a USB bug which messed up the synchronization process with the Sound Manager and caused the Manager to display erroneous message about "corrupt partitions".
  • Fixed USB Bug which sometimes caused missing data packet (related to timing).
  • Fixed synth engine to reset filters states if voices are stolen.
  • Fixed effect focus bug: If the delay feedback knob was turned while delay was off, focus was lost.

v4.12 (2009-05-26)

  • The Extern Section has been augmented with a new MIDI Mode selection - Global or Program. The Global setting behaves like before, you set one outgoing MIDI for each of the two panels in the Extern section and these then rule for all the programs.
  • The Extern section has been expanded with the possibility to use a complete Bank Select procedure with both CC00 and CC32 values.
  • A bug in the Farfisa organ where certain selections could cause it to clip has been fixed.
  • The Clavinet is now displayed as one file/unit in the Manager, instead of four and will be shown as A, B, C and D in the Type LED on the unit.

v4.04 (2008-12-15)

  • Fixed an issue where the reverb audio buffer was not emptied properly when reverb types were changed, which caused am unwanted noise.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a memory error, if an entire bank of programs or synth patches were downloaded to the Stage, and the process got stuck during the transfer or cleaning process.

4.02 (2008-12-09)

  • Fixed a bug which could disengage the delay rate/tempo knob.
  • Fixed Synth Legato bug - if notes and the sustainpedal was held down and the program was changed to one with Legato enabled, notes could not be retriggered until sustain pedal was released.

v4.00 (2008-12-07)

  • Added compatibility with the new, improved format for the Nord Piano Library, the .npno format.
  • Fixed Delay repeats in ping-pong that were 6 dB too loud.
  • Optimized the OS Start-up time and the general processing speed of the OS, giving the entire unit a significant performance boost.
  • Fixed an issue where heavy use of Pitchbend and/or Mod Wheel could slow down the performance of the unit.
  • Tempo knob for Delay now has acceleration feature to make it easier to reach its entire range (two complete rotations compared to other knobs that has one).
  • Fixed tap delay bug which caused low tapped values to set tempo/rate indicator at the 12 o'clock position.
  • New delay implementation introduced: Delay now has two selectable modes in the Sound menu (Analog/pitch will change on repeats if tempo knob is turned or Normal/pitch will not change), longer feedback times are available, and a high pass filtering will gradually be applied on long feedback times.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the volume to drop to zero if programs were copied from/to Panel A and/or B.
  • Fixed an issue in Synth section that occurred if osc is Dual Saw and mod env is in release phase, the envelope would be reset even if in legato mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the synth amp and mod envelopes would reset when playing in mono mode.

v3.24 (2008-10-27)

  • Fixed a bug which on rare occasions caused the Stage EX to start in mono.

v3.22 (2008-10-10)

  • First OS version to be compatible with the additional memory on the new Nord Stage EX hardware.
  • Optimized the piano playback and piano voice allocation engine which results in 4 extra voices.

v3.12 (2008-05-20)

  • Fixed bug in Vox organ model, where notes could be left sounding on certain conditions.
  • Fixed issue with vibrato delay amount on Panel B.

v3.10 (2008-03-05)

  • Compatibility with the Nord Stage Manager v3.1x.
  • Fixed a bug where long envelope releases could cause a lack of polyphony in the synth section, which would produce a flam-like effect on the pianos.
  • Parameter values shown in the display when editing.
  • Effect knobs now change their parameter value even if the effect is off.
  • Improved piano pedal up/down functionality for introducing the pedal-down samples.
  • Added mono mode functionality for Grand and Upright.
  • Support for downloading/uploading programs and synth sounds via USB.
  • Improved support for transmitting and receiving synth sound sysex data.
  • Support for copying between panels.
  • Support for controlling volume of all sound engines using an attached swell pedal.

v2.26 (2007-06-28)

  • Bug-fix regarding Clavinet introduced in v2.20

v2.20 (2007-05-28)

  • Upgraded rotary simulation overdrive.
  • Upgraded organ click emulation.
  • Upgraded overdrive (no-amp version).
  • Synth edit buffer SysEx dump and request supported.

v2.16 (2006-08-24)

  • Changed aftertouch response for Compact. It is now a bit harder to reach maximum.

v2.10 (2006-04-11)

  • Changed dynamic curves for the Piano Section, based on measurements on C7 Conservatory Grand and Steinway D Grand.
  • The new curves are based on measurements on a C7 Conservatory Grand and a Steinway D Grand.
  • Voice allocation for the Synth section has been greatly improved.
  • Improved the Rotor retardation behavior. Rotor now slows down with the same ratio regardless of whether it is going into Stop-mode or to Slow speed.

v2.00 (2006-02-24)

  • The Piano sounds have been adjusted and improved for an even more realistic sound.
  • The piano voice allocation is greatly enhanced and is now done according to an advanced algorithm that makes audible stealing virtually non-existent.
  • The sustain pedal function is greatly enhanced. When you play a note with the pedal down, a pedal-down sample is played. When the pedal is released the note reverts to a pedal-up sample. This feature makes pedal playing even more realistic than before.
  • Two additional reverbs, one stage and one hall. Both with a less bright sound than the existing ones.
  • Improved delay effect, the tap tempo function now supports glitch free setting of tempo. The tempo is shown in the main display.
  • The analog waveforms in the synth section have been greatly enhanced.
  • The synthesizer unison function now includes the classical two voice unison in addition to the original multi voice unison.
  • Individual output routing for each of the instrument sections Piano A, Piano B, Synth A, Synth B and Organ. You can choose whether the settings should be global or stored with each program.

Nord Stage Classic Hardware revisions

The Nord Stage models have been subject to a few makeovers. The very first series of the Nord Stage 88 are now called Revision A, with a smooth red paint on the top panel. 

Nord Stage Revision B that followed were augmented with brackets for the music stand on the rear panel and also introduced the textured paint on the upper panel and the chassis. Revision B units are also identified with the text revision B under the Nord Stage logo to the right on the panel.

Revision C were introduced in 2008, and have only one small, graphical change - the label Mono were added to the Clavinet Medium/Soft button to indicate the possibility to use the stereo pianos in mono. All these classic revisions can be updated to, and use the latest Classic operating system and the same piano sounds. The image to the left shows the colors of the panel of the classic Nord Stage revisions A, B and C.