Nord Wave - Update History

v2.14 (2015-10-07)

  • Fixed bug introduced with 2.10 where sustain pedal would not function correctly.
  • Fixed bug introduced with 2.10 where control/expression pedal could not be used as volume control.

v2.10 (2015-10-05)

  • Added support for .nsmp format 2.0. Sample category is now shown in the display during selection.
  • Fixed bug where routing LFO 1 to OSC 2, while having the MOD ENV routed to OSC 1+2 would cause the MOD ENV to cease modulating OSC 2. Thanks to Don Solaris for the report!


  • Analog triangle and sawtooth waveforms are now shapeable.
  • Added 18 new 3-operator algorithms for the FM categories.
  • Added 6 new waveform options in the OSC 1 Misc category.
    • Misc n2 - Complementing the original noise is a new "narrow" noise band which gives it a pitched character. The Shape control allows you to dial in a timbre ranging from a wide band noise to a fluctuating sine wave.
    • Misc n3 - The metallic noise waveform produces a noisy signal with a bright metallic timbre. The timbre is created by a dense cloud of short pulses with carefully detuned frequency relations, creating clusters of high pitched partials in its audio spectrum. This type of noise is useful to create the metallic sounds made by acoustic cymbals and hihats.
    • Misc SO & SA - 2 shapeable sinus waveforms, one with the addition of odd numbered harmonics, and the other with both odd and even numbered.
    • Misc SS - A third sine wave, which is syncable. The Shape control sets the pitch of the "hidden" sync oscillator.
    • Misc PF - This pulse wave is of the "fixed" variety, the width is adjusted in absolute time values with the Shape control. This makes the width constant across the keyboard and results in a nice and rugged spectrum with fixed formants, similar in character to many acoustic instruments.
  • Compatibility with the Nord Sample Library.
  • Compatibility with the Nord Sound Manager v5.x and the Nord Sample Editor v2.x.
  • FM Modulation of synced waveforms is now sounding better.
  • FM Modulation of wavetables could cause unwanted pops and clicks, this is now fixed.
  • Added support for setting program/sample focus and program category from Manager. In plain english, this means that you can double-click on a program or sample in the Manager and it will be selected in the Wave.
  • Sync with Xerxes fixes - E2P fix, UpdateSrc token for passed for parameter sets and EraseStatus not returned by FFS EraseGetStatus(). (I have no idea what this is about, other than it probably did something very good. I just thought I'd share this nugget of developer poetry with you. :-)
  • Gradually smooth out square/saw/stepped random LFO waveform when modulating the filter frequency cutoff with high LFO frequencies to prevent the filter from running amok.
  • Change delay amount to a send amount instead of a dry-wet mix amount. The mix is now always fully wet and the amount knob changes the input gain to the delay.
  • Fixed bug where switching LFO1/2/ModEnv modulation target while playing could cause audible clicks.
  • Fixed an issue with Morphs getting sluggish during heavy load.
  • Improved Note On response time, the Wave is now reacting faster.
  • Modulating Resonance amount didn't use same range as the knob (limitation is now added) which improved some programs that really could cause filter to go bananas. In favor of keeping at least some self oscillating tendency, it is still possible (under extreme mod) to make filter crack (i.e. self oscillate at high level).
  • Fixed a rare issue where the master level could drop significantly.


  • Fixed bug that occurred when Clean Deleted Space was initiated from Nord Wave Manager.


  • Maintenance update.


  • Fixed bug when osc1 and osc2 pitch where modulated from several sources at the same time.
  • After power up, changing a slot A sound to slot B, the LFO LED's could act crazy until the first note was played.
  • Replaced Off with Bi-Timb in the MIDI Channel settings menu page.
  • Name of program being received over SysEx was not displayed in LCD.
  • Synth was not able to report instrument file list to Nord Wave Manager if instrument flash was empty, but EEPROM file list still contained a valid instrument file list (user could end up in that state if erasing/formatting flash).
  • Synth was not able to report instrument file list to Nord Wave Manager if the Flash memory was not used in a contiguous manner and if the memory was formatted using the Nord Wave Manager.


  • Compatibility with the Nord Wave Manager v 1.04.