Nord C2D in the press

Sound On Sound review, 2012


It would be silly to claim that the Nords are anything other than superb instruments. The Hammond emulation is better than ever and the Leslie simulation is much improved to the extent that the C2D may now be the most realistic of all the clonewheels
If you're looking for a dual-manual 'clonewheel', the C2 and C2D have to be high on your list. If you're after something that offers you high-quality emulations of other organs too, the choice possibly boils down to 'which Nord?
It remains wonderfully light and manageable and you would be proud to be seen in the company of one
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MusicTech Magazine Review


Verdict: 10/10 and awarded the MusicTech Excellence Award and Music Tech Innovation Award

For anyone serious about playing the organ, this is top of the list of contenders
The greatest sounds in the world count for little without playability, but happily the C2D has it in spades. It’s an inspiring instrument that begs to be played, especially when you hook up a couple of pedals to really unleash its true flexibility. The tonewheel sounds are astonishingly realistic and respond organically to your playing. Clavia has modelled them right down to the last detail – and it shows. It’s worth mentioning that this is a serious instrument and as such it will reward skilled players the most, but it gives as good as it gets, feeding back those hard-to-quantify nuances that make it feel like a real organ.
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Future Music Review, 2012


Verdict: 4,5, Future Music Platinum Award

Close your eyes, grab some drawbars and you'd be hard-pushed to tell the C2D from a real B3.
For most people, it will be the B3 emulation that gets the most use and it's here where the C2D really hits a home run. It just oozes authenticity on every level and even staunch B3ists will surely be impressed by the feel and the sound.
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MIPA Award 2012


Best Organ/Portable Keyboard

MIPA Award 2012.