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Sound on Sound Review


If the original Nord Drum was good, the sequel might just be perfect ...
I loved the incredible sounds that the Nord Drum could produce, from classic drums, through to acoustic emulations and on to the quite bizarre! The Nord Drum 2 takes this even further with the new synthesis engine and parameters offering so many more options, colours and tonal variations. Combining these with the real-time MIDI control, it's a totally new proposition in terms of sound creation.
As if that wasn’t enough, the free Nord Beat app is great fun to use and is packed with features that complement the Nord Drum 2 perfectly.
All in all, the Nord Drum 2, Nord Pad and Nord Beat are an inspirational combination.
Pros: "Impressive upgrade to the synth engine; increased channel count and trigger inputs; MIDI CC support; improved MIDI implementation; stereo output." Cons: "None"
Sound on Sound

iDrumMag Review


The Nord Drum 2 module will also allow you to trigger from acoustic drums and drum pads and with its nicely contained yet simple to use layout, is an ideal brain for drummers and percussionists to explore. The factory set tones/noises will set you on a journey of discovery and once you involve all the various settings, adjustments and features, you will find yourself creating some seriously ‘mind-altering and far-out’ but eminently usable sounds
The compact yet robust Nord pad will slot into any live set-up and such are its sensitivity levels, you can play the pad with sticks or your hands, even fingers! Triggering is ultra-fast and the pad sensitivity will happily reproduce a healthy dynamic range.
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Future Music Review


The kit sounds and tuned percussion are highly convincing - you are actually fooled into thinking somewhere in the background there is a sample of the real thing!
There are many new waveforms and filters (including high pass), and a range of comprehensive mix facilities
The upgraded features of the new drum synth means it is now a serious musical instrument.
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Studio Review December 2013


Sample based units are not capable of generating the kind of dynamics, warmth and nerve that the Clavia rhythm package delivers!
If its in your interest to create and produce rhythms in any way the only excuse to pass on the Nord Drum 2 would be that you exclusively play acoustic and are uninterested in synthetic sounds, regardless of how good they sound!
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