Nord Drum 2 Update History

v3.00 (2014-07-04)

  • Master Level and Pan zipper-noise bug was fixed.
  • A lot of improvements on the C1/C2 sound quality.
  • Added Ring Modulator Effect ("Distort" section).
  • Shortened the shortest possible envelope decay times.
  • Added detuning capabilities to triangle wave ("A2”), sawtooth wave ("A3”) and square wave ("A4")
  • Added high-pass filtered detunable square wave ("A5")
  • Added square wave with adjustable pulse width ("A6")
  • Added Dual T-Filter waveform ("t1"). Inspired by classic analog drum machines.
  • Added Ring Modulator Waveforms ("r1" and "r2).
  • Improved Signal to Noise Ratio on Drive (eliminating low-level, high-frequency "beeps" previously present at certain noise filter settings).
  • Fixed bug where tone part of the sound was wrapped up in pitch when playing really low midinotes.
  • Smoother loading of programs (avoiding pops and clicks)
  • Disclaimer: We've put a lot of effort into making programs to sound as much as possible as they did in v2.24, however some sounds will sound slightly different!


v2.24 (2013-10-23)

  • Bugfix: Store-bug. Storing programs extremely fast could fail (storing incorrect edit buffer).
  • MIDI: Fixed SysEx-In bug. Could miss incoming messages.
  • Bugfix: Echo BPM was reset to 120 when using "Sound Init".
  • Bugfix: When using the dial to reload the same program the edit buffer was not updated correctly when turning the dial really fast. 

v2.10 (2013-10-17)

New features
General additions and changes:

  • Doubled memory capacity. Nord Drum 2 now has 8 banks with 50 program locations each (400 program locations in total). Switch between banks quickly with SHIFT+dial.
  • Support for the new Nord Drum 2 Manager software (Mac/Win) that lets you easily transfer and back up to and from your Nord Drum 2.
  • Display mode changed to show the currently editable parameter, for improved legibility
  • Sound Init function added: press COPY + PASTE to set all parameters on selected channel to default values.
  • Increased parameter resolution for many parameters.
  • Edit Group: Paste will now apply the copy buffer contents to all channels in the group
  • Tap Tempo function added for Repeat/Echo: The Repeat/Echo Tempo can now be tapped by Hold SHIFT + Lower Param-button and using the Trig-button to tap the tempo.
  • Trig button: adjusted range – now 1-20.
  • Unused Program locations are now marked with a dot (•) when using Store.
  • Dynamic Decay: Velocity reference for "Decay Low" is now 25% of max velocity.

MIDI changes: 

  • Full MIDI CC-control of all parameters. See the updated manual for complete MIDI CC number and function listing.
    Mode 1: Use Global MIDI channel (default 10) to play any drum channels via their assigned note numbers (fixed pitch per channel). All parameters available for CC control (follows channel focus).
    Mode 2: Use the individual channels (1-6) to play any drum channels in a pitched manner via a MIDI keyboard or sequencer. CC control of all parameters available for each individual drum channel via its MIDI Channel respectively.
  • Solo Edit: When Nord Drum 2 is receiving MIDI input, Solo Edit will now mute all other channels.


Noise section changes:

  • Optimized Noise engine performance
  • 4 new Filter types added: High Pass 12dB/24dB, Low Pass 12dB and Band Pass 6dB. Old High Pass filter renamed to High Pass High Cut (HPhc).
  • Attack parameter has a improved Clap mode: 9 new clap types replaces the old CL type, with gradually longer decay on last ”clap”.
  • Attack parameter change: Repeat (previously called "rp" in display) is now called LFO.
  • Decay parameter change: Decay Envelope type has moved to the upper Decay parameter and is quickly changed using SHIFT+dial (Lin/Exp/Gate) (renamed Decay on future panels).
  • Decay parameter change: Lower Parameter (TYPE/DYN) now only controls low velocity decay times (range: OFF, 0-50) (renamed Dec Lo on future panels).

Tone section changes:

  • 6 FM Synthesis wave types added, where Timbre controls modulation amount and Spectra controls modulation frequency. See manual for exceptions.
  • New cymbal wave type added: C3.
  • CY1 &2 waveforms have improved LPF/Timbre envelope.
  • Improved LPF/Timbre envelope for Analog Saw, Square and Triangle.
  • Punch parameter change: PitchUp and PitchDown-modes are now velocity sensitive.
  • Bend Down range has been increased.

Click changes:

  • New Click types added and a new category ”PH ” added with high pass filtered pulse clicks.

Effects changes:

  • Distortion improvements. Drive (dr) have adjusted levels and improved range.

Trig Types additions:

  • 6 Dynamic curves added for Trig/Pad-input.
  • 3 new trig types for Acoustic Trig: Ac1-3.


  • Attack Rate/LFO and clap could pop/click – fixed.
  • H1 Wavetype could exihibit noise artefact - fixed.
  • Fixed bug where low sensitivity would generate note-offs.
  • Midi note-length is now longer (approx 20 ms)
  • Improved MIDI behaviour with MIDI is looped.
  • In Edit Group, Scale Presets will now remain intact when pitching the group to max or minimum values.
  • Repeat/Echo was included when copying a drum channel to another program - fixed.
  • Improved behaviour when connecting the Nord Pad when Nord Drum 2 is already turned on.
  • Bend: Improved Bend-time scaling.
  • Punch: PitchUp time adjusted.
  • Wave type CY1 & CY2: improved LPF/Timbre envelope.
  • Wave type H, P and D now has more organic repetitive behaviour.


  • First OS release.