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Nord Drum 3P Sound on Sound review


Reviewed in the April 2017 issue of Sound on Sound.

With the integration of drum pads, the Nord Drum 3P is a fantastic consolidation of all that has gone before. It balances perfectly between creating unique, almost other-wordly sounds on the one hand and remaining infinitely usable on the other.
The Nord Drum 3P has a great "all-in-one" feel, with instant gratification from the built-in pads. No need for external triggers, Nord Pad or a MIDI sequencer to start getting something creative from it. Having said that, the MIDI implementation means that the ND3P is equally at home as a 'drum module' in a studio environment or as a live performance tool.
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Nord Drum 3P gets "Rhythm Recommends"


Rhythm Magazine reviewed the Nord Drum 3P in the February 2017 issue and gave it their "Rhythm Recommends" badge.

The instant ability to create custom sounds and timbres, not only percussive but also melodic, means you can essentially create your own tunes in no time.
The 3P appears much like a standard sampling pad. This makes it easy to forget that The Nord Drum 3P is in fact an entirely different beast!
With a host of new and improved features, the all-in-one unit is well equipped for use both on stage and in the studio. reviews the Nord Drum 3P

2016-10-19 gave the Nord Drum 3P 3/3 stars "Sehr Gut"!


  • processing
  • playability
  • sound
  • wealth of opportunities


  • Nothing
Incredibly powerful drum kits arise or evolve dreamy melodic sound creations. The new reverb and echo effects put the Nord Drum on the crown. It really is hard to stop playing, since new sounds arise with the new Nord Drum 3P. Complementing acoustic drum sets or as a standalone instrument, everything is possible with the Nord Drum 3P. review

Nord Drum 3P gets 9/10 in

2016-10-19 awarded the Nord Drum 3P with 9/10 points.

Nord Drum 3P oozes of quality and is an inspiring piece of equipment for both producers and drummers!
...For being a product aimed at synthetic sounds, the product is very musical in use. We get carried away and forget about doing the test for some hours and start making music with it instead.

Platinum Award for Nord Drum 3P


Nord Drum 3P was reviewed in the 2016 November issue of Future Music where it received a 9.1 overall rating and the magazine’s coveted ‘Platinum Award’. Read full review here

“…the 3P offers the perfect tonic to the norm. That’s not to say you couldn't whip up an 808 kick on the Nord, should the need arise”.
"It also beats the competition in its flexibility; its rugged compact chassis makes it more than suitable with any live set-up and it’s also perfectly at home in the studio with its relatively deep percussive sound design, onboard effects and easy workflow. Crafting your own sounds from scratch beats samples and presets any day”.
“The integrated pads combined with sequencing in the Nord Beat app make this the ideal do -it-all drum tool”.