Nord Electro 4 in the press

Future Music Review Electro 4D


Verdict: 5/5 (Platinum Award)

...the E4D deserves to be at the top of your list at this price point as its features, playability, portability and, more importantly, sounds are still right up there.
To sum up, the biggest reason to grab the E4D over the E3 is the upgraded organ engine rotary/drive simulation, the delay (which the E3HP also has) and of course the eagerly anticipated real drawbars, which will massively increase the Electro series appeal to organ players and non organists alike. Not to mention the addition of the long release function for the pianos and the very handy MIDI-over-USB as well.
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MusicTech Magazine Review Electro 4 HP


Verdict: 9/10 (MusicTech Excellence Award)

In terms of sheer playability, the Electro series remains hard to beat, and thanks to clever and efficient design and layout, the Electro 4 HP looks set to continue that trend
The Electro 4 HP is without doubt a fine keyboard that maintains the family's reputation for doing a relatively small number of things but doing them well. At its heart, it's an extremely playable and great-sounding keyboard with some stunning instruments
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Sound On Sound Review Electro 4


Clavia's updated Electro range prove that if you need top-quality staple keyboard sounds, playability and simplicity, Nords still lead.
When Clavia introduced the Nord C2D, they upgraded its Hammond organ model and improved its rotary speaker effect. I reviewed the C2D in 2012, and concluded that its Hammond emulation was Clavia's best yet, and arguably the most realistic available. Happily, all of these improvements have been incorporated into the Electro 4 series
I don't think there's currently a better source of piano and organ emulations than a Nord...whichever model you choose, it will sound great
...if your need is for pianos and organs, and playability and simplicity are sought, there's currently no other manufacturer that caters quite as well to your needs
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Tidningen Studio Review Electro 4D


Verdict: Studio Recommends

"The Nord pianos sound unbelievably good...we just can't stop playing"
"With the new C2D organ engine it sounds better than all similar alternatives on the market. The fact that the rest of the instrument sounds fantastic does not make anything worse.
"We've waited many years for such a complete and playable organ sound in a portable instrument like this"

MusicTech Magazine Review Electro 4D


Verdict 10/10, MusicTech Excellence Award

A portable powerhouse of vintage keys and a real player's instrument. The perfect alternative to lugging around a truck full of keyboards...
The Electro 4D is a great player's keyboard: small and portable enough to carry almost anywhere, but with a big, believable sound and supreme playability
It's the updated organ section that really seals the deal, though, its tones by turn sweet, biting or raw. The new drawbars make playing feel more hands-on and the three organ models and rotary speaker simulations sound breathtaking. This is what sets it apart from its predecessor, along with the new delay effects, USB MIDI, improved control pedal support and double the number of program buttons