Nord Electro 6 - Update History

v2.52 (2020-11-02)

  • Fixed bug where MIDI Program Change Off and Send settings did not filter out incoming MIDI Program Change messages.
  • Fixed bug where incoming Program Change message could load wrong Piano sound for new program, under certain circumstances.

v2.50 (2020-03-04)

  • Added support for Nord Sample Editor 3
  • "Mono" panel setting is now a global parameter, rather than being stored per-program. The parameter is reset on reboot.
  • Octave Shift options increased to provide access to entire range when controlling 61 key model from 88 key controller.
  • Local CtrlPed now has effect on Organ manual controlled by external keyboard, in Dual Organ + Ext KB To Lo mode.
  • Velocity curves for outgoing/incoming MIDI were adjusted. Outgoing MIDI now produces higher velocity values.
  • Program Change messages are no longer sent when browsing Programs in "Store To" dialog.
  • A Program Change message was inadvertently sent when exiting a Store operation. Fixed.

v2.14 (2020-01-08)

  • Update to production test routine

v2.12 (2019-06-27)

  • Tremolo effect preserves attack for mallet instruments (Vibraphone, Marimba)
  • The physical position of Control Pedal assigned to Piano was not properly taken into account when loading a program. Fixed
  • Delay tails and Sample Synth sounds using long release times would not fade out as quickly as expected when changing programs. Fixed
  • Third drawbar could unexpectedly be active in B3 Bass mode. Fixed
  • MIDI: Sometimes first press on a button would not send CC. Fixed
  • Transition time between pedal down and pedal up sound was shortened for higher registers

v2.04 (2019-04-11)

  • On rare occasions unexpected piano voice stealing could occur when operating sustain pedal, with String Res active. Fixed
  • Browsing pianos in list view is now faster
  • Vib/Chorus setting was not stored in Manual Organ. Fixed
  • Copy To Preset function now works as expected on HP model
  • Drawbar 9 for Vox organ model is now drawn from 1-8 instead of 0-8 on HP model

v2.02 (2019-03-19)

  • Fixed bug where downloading a sample using Nord Sound Manager could cause Sample Synth to produce noise, until program/sample was reloaded.

v2.00 (2019-02-01)

New features:

  • Support for version 6 .npno files
  • Piano Equalizer settings
    • Two “Dyno” settings for tine EPs are introduced in the Piano Equalizer section, indicated by the two top LEDs or two bottom LEDs being lit, respectively. Note: These settings require version 6 EP sounds.
    • Soft, Mid and Bright filters for EPs have been adjusted to specifically suit these sounds.
    • Soft setting for acoustic pianos has been changed. This is now not a filter but instead adjusts the response of the piano for a soft sound.

Other updates:

  • Definitions of Open/Closed for pedals in menu were reversed. Fixed
  • Vox organ sound character would change after extended playing. Fixed
  • B3 Percussion was not present on first stroke after activation. Fixed
  • Page buttons only worked for one step in Organize/Swap. Fixed

v1.20 (2018-09-12)

  • The internal Control Pedal now affects Swell for both manuals with Organ in Dual Org + Ext KB To Lo mode.
  • Sound engines set to Lo, in Ext KB To Lo mode, can now be octave shifted -3/+3 octaves.
  • Deleting a sample currently being played could cause noise to occur when subsequently playing Sample Synth. Fixed.
  • Quickly moving a program in Organize list could cause inadvertent reordering of programs. Fixed.
  • Sample Synth and Piano engine levels could, under some circumstances, be incorrect when a program was loaded. Fixed. 
  • A Sample Synth voice could hang during Store, when connected with USB. Fixed.
  • Some Organ parameters were not reset when reloading program using Prog 1-4 buttons. Fixed.
  • Drawbars in display would blink inadvertently during some program changes. Fixed.
  • If removing all samples and adding a new one, the sample would not be selectable from a program under certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • Subtle static could occur when using Ctrl Ped with Trem or Pan effect. Fixed.
  • In some KB Split scenarios, Piano and Organ could not be octave shifted with the expected amount. Fixed.
  • CC #108 (Rotary Speed) was not sent when using Rotor pedal. Fixed.
  • Synth level was affected by the current KB Zone settings, under certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • The sound engine assigned to Lo was set to Up when activating Ext KB To Lo. Fixed.
  • Internal Sustain would affect Sustain received on Ext KB To Lo MIDI channel. Fixed.

v1.18 (2018-06-29)

  • Pressing Tempo button and turning Delay Dry/Wet now adjusts Delay tempo.
  • Delay Feedback amounts were adjusted.
  • Reverb effect was adjusted. Note: Previously stored Dry/Wet parameter is converted to a different value.
  • Static could occur when adjusting Delay Tempo. Fixed.
  • Pitch Bend affected Organ on Global MIDI channel. Fixed.
  • Sympathetic String Resonance did not work as expected under certain conditions. Fixed.

v1.16 (2018-06-08)

  • Swapping programs in Organize mode did not work as expected. Fixed.

v1.14 (2018-06-05)

  • Fixed bug introduced with v1.12 where effects could be become inaudible under certain circumstances.

v1.12 (2018-06-01)

  • Sample Synth polyphony increased.
  • Sample Synth latency reduced.
  • Several issues related to Manual Organ mode were fixed.
  • Distortion could occur in Delay effect with strong signals. Fixed.
  • Seamless transitions were not handled correctly when External KB to Lo mode was used. Fixed.
  • Clicks could occur when changing Effect 1 settings. Fixed.
  • Some Panel LEDs would blink unnecessarily when changing programs. Fixed.
  • MIDI Pitch Bend is now listened to on External KB MIDI channel.
  • Mono LED now stays lit even if Piano section is turned off, since it affects all sound engines.
  • Tremolo Rate disposition and Tremolo amounts were adjusted. Stored values are converted automatically.
  • Long Sample Synth release times were not shortened on seamless transitions. Fixed.
  • A number of parameter hints were changed to show more useful units.
  • Incoming MIDI Expression (CC#11) was not taken into account. Fixed.
  • MIDI Volume (CC#7) now regulates the overall program volume level.
  • Drawbars 1 1/3’ and 1’ did not listen to incoming MIDI. Fixed.
  • Delay Rate now listens to CC#94.
  • Changing Piano EQ settings could cause clicks. Fixed.
  • Parameter hint timer would not reset when touching a different parameter. Fixed.

v1.06 (2018-04-09)

  • First public OS release